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"Pipeline Disinfection"

"Pipeline Disinfection"

There has been a success in the application of Teflex (for Metal) for the purposes of cleaning and protection metal pipes against corrosion and recovering of heating and water supply systems.

The metal pipes of heating and drinking systems can create many problems. For example, heat exchange is disrupted and pipe capacity (diameter of metal pipe) is reduced. Furthermore, constant complaints about cold pipes from tenants are unavoidable and the formation of condensation  and moisture occurring on the walls can result growing of mold and the spores in the premises. Ultimately, this has a negative influence on people’s health and well being.

There are several possible ways of solving the problem with corrosion of metal pipes today:

1. Complete replacement of metal pipes - this could be very expansive in multiple-storey buildings.

2. Partial replacement of metal pipes - this is very expensive work, it is inconvenient for tenants and, more importantly, it does not guarantee that the problem with corrosion will be solved.

3. Cutting off metal pipe section by section and mechanical cleaning of the pipes  by the flexible metal brushes and abrasive tools. This creates a lot of problems for tenants and it does not fully eliminate the problem. And it is expensive too.

4. Washing/cleaning of metal pipes by an aggressive medium, such as caustic soda. This can present problems such as, corrosion. Ecologically, it is not safe and it requires following special requirements for use. In the process, especially during the completely cleaning of the heating system in multiple-story houses, the end of metal pipe usually become backed up due to deposits that form over time. These deposits are the main problem in heating houses of more than one story. As a rule, aggressive media bare the metal of the pipes, subsequently increasing the rate of the corroding processes. In addition, they still are dangerous to consume by the human organism (drinking water). The requirement that the technology needs to meet is: the ecological cleanliness and harmless for humans and animals alike. A main problem with pipes is that residue will build up, eventually choking off the metal pipe and resulting in the need for its cleaning and, more often than not, replacement of metal pipes.

5. Increasing the expenditure of hot water. However, this creates problems to services as it becomes necessary to constantly make up system cold water, ultimately increasing expenditures for preheating. This leads to an increase in net water expenditure and to a forced reduction in the temperature graph of the work of thermal networks because of the guarantee of permissible temperatures in the heating system to overstated temperatures of water in the return line and the absence of the stability of the hydraulic regime of the systems of the heat supply.

Teflex (for Metal) offers technique at this moment as the most effective alternative to all existing solutions. Effectiveness is proven by practice.

This technology can be fearlessly named the technology for the unhandy man since it is nearly impossible to devise any simpler solution. All that it requires is the filling of the pipe with liquid, and its subsequent discharge. Indeed, in the off-peak heating period, it requires no technical equipment the only piece of equipment needed is a water hand pump to facilitate filling.

Teflex (for Metal) softens deposits inside the metal pipes and washes them out with the discharge. Furthermore, Teflex (for Metal) prevents the corrosion process in the new and old metal pipes by creating thin polymeric protective film.

The cleaning of metal pipes is especially necessary in the building or industrial constructions, where threaded connections of metal pipe are thinner and thus more subjected to the corrosive process and in old buildings with rotten metal pipes.

With the use of Teflex (for Metal) - it requires very small expenditures and the minimum equipment and labor. There are no special requirements for equipment and no complex formulation for working solutions. Furthermore, the economic effect of this technology exceeds all others existing today. The recovery of metal heating pipes in a 9-storey building costs 100 times less using the Teflex (for Metal).

There are several undoubted advantages of the Teflex (for Metal):

- The possibility of providing year-round work, including the time during the heating seasons;
- The possibility of cleaning metal pipes with the largest possible removal of deposits from the pipes;
- After cleaning, deposits are guaranteed to be completely removed and the metal pipes been protected;
- Teflex (for Metal) leaves in the metal pipe a protective film with a thickness of 0.003 ml. that possesses constant biocidal properties preventing biogrowth as well as corrosion;
- Health condition and hygiene safety of metals treated by Teflex (for Metal), including those in contact with drinking water;
- The ecological cleanness and friendliness of the technology;
- The pH neutrality of Teflex (for Metal);
- Deposits are washed off from metal pipes without any damages;
- The used working Teflex (for Metal) solution can be re-used, reducing expenditures since there is no need to keep replacing the remediation solution for each subsequent pipeline restoration;
- Simplicity and accessibility for each application.
- The time for the process of recovery of metal pipes varies from 24 hours to several days.


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